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Bringing change through biochar

The devastating impact of agricultural burning, blazes with the force of black carbon, a climate culprit 460-1,500 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Our mission is to transform this threat into an opportunity for healing. By harnessing the power of biochar, we're not just removing carbon - we're nurturing communities, restoring lands, and forging a sustainable legacy that transcends generations.

Source: UN Environment Programme

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Commitment To Transformation

We collaborate closely with local farmers, breathing new life into agricultural waste by converting it into biochar - a potent force for ecological revival.

Our journey is two fold: revitalizing landscapes and livelihoods. By synergizing with communities, we cultivate fertile grounds, not just for crops, but for sustainable prosperity. To fuel this vision, we invite individuals and corporations to invest in carbon credits, catalyzing a wave of positive change that ripples from fields to boardrooms.


The Circonomy Way

We're cultivating sustainability with biochar – a natural solution born from agricultural waste. Think of it as soil's superhero, enriching crops and capturing carbon. We've scaled this and made large volumes of biochar accessible, seamlessly transforming them into high quality carbon removal credits.

Circonomy Sustainability Circular

Circonomy Sustainability Circular

Training farmers

On-site training for Artisanal production and application of biochar

Collect biomass waste

The collection of biomass waste involves gathering these organic materials from various sources, ensuring their availability for the biochar production.

Produce Biochar

Our team works with farmers and biomass aggregators to process Agri-waste to produce the biochar and earn carbon credits by using Kon-tiki technology.

Increase soil health

Mix biochar with compost or fertilizer and apply it to the soil.

MRV platform

Use Circonomy’s MRV platform to monitor, track the whole process, receive reports and the verification of carbon removal credits you purchase.

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Remove CO2


Certificates & Standards

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Across the entire value chain. Directly source CDR to ensure co-benefits are maximized

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Through our robust MRV system which ensures accuracy in data and scalability of projects

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Across three key aspects-Biodiversity, Climate and Social


Impact-driven approach

Data collection, calculations, and reporting with automation. Everything is updated on our MRV app.

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Empowering Ventures

Embracing our commitment to a better world, we propel change through purposeful development and funding. Our projects span the globe and prioritize carbon emission reduction, biodiversity protection, and tangible benefits for local communities. Together, we can make a meaningful impact, enriching lives and our planet.


Biochar is a carbon-rich form of charcoal produced from sustainable biomass residue. This organic material is transformed through a controlled heating process, resulting in biochar. It is highly valued for its applications in agriculture and environmental management, particularly in enhancing soil quality and carbon sequestration. We utilize an artisanal production method called the Kon-tiki kiln to create our biochar. Beginning with responsibly sourced biomass residue, this method involves carefully heating the biomass following meticulous process to limit unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum. This method is characterized by its accessibility, requiring only a modest initial investment, and its unique ability to engage local communities.

Our biochar is crafted from crop residue and agricultural waste – natural materials that might have otherwise been burned or left to decay, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Our biomass is thoughtfully chosen and often includes materials like cotton stalks, coconut shells, bamboo, corn remnants, and bagasse. We take it a step further - the biomass we use is sourced locally from farmers and agricultural producers. This creates a local circularities: the farmers provide the materials, we transform them into biochar, and then the biochar returns to enrich their lands.

Biochar plays a pivotal role in addressing climate change. As plants capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, they store this carbon within their biomass. When we convert this biomass into biochar, we effectively stabilize the captured carbon. The biochar is then added to the land, where it remains locked for centuries, contributing to mitigating carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and acting as a sustainable carbon sink. Beyond its carbon sequestration potential, biochar delivers substantial benefits to agriculture and the environment. When added to soil, biochar acts as a sponge, enhances water retention, and promotes nutrient availability to plants. This results in increased crop yields and improved soil health. Furthermore, biochar fosters a habitat for beneficial microorganisms, bolstering the soil ecosystem's resilience

Circonomy has been endorsed by Carbon Standards International (CSI) as C-Sink manager for Global Artisan C-Sink. CSI provides a rigorous methodology for producing biochar using Artisan Kon-tiki kilns, which not only accounts for the carbon removed and stored through our projects but also factors in the emissions associated with the production process.

Your purchase of Carbon Removal credits from Circonomy generates a tangible impact on carbon reduction. We've implemented a robust MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) system that allows us to precisely track and measure the carbon captured and stored through our biochar projects Beyond carbon removal, your support directly contributes to improved soil quality and agricultural outcomes. We diligently monitor our projects to measure the positive effects on agriculture. By comparing fields with biochar application to baseline parcels without, we can quantify the benefits in terms of increased crop yields, improved soil health, and enhanced nutrient retention. Last but not least, our business model is designed to ensure that a fair portion of the carbon finance is reinvested directly into the hands of the farmers. This empowers local communities and contributes to social development, aligning with several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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