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Approximately 780 million metric tons of agriculture residue is generated from crops

Source: The times of India

This waste, instead of turning into ashes, can be converted into biochar which can supplement farmers’ income.


Use the waste to create the value

Biochar is a charcoal-like substance that is made by burning organic material from agricultural and forestry wastes such as wood, agricultural residues, and other biomasses. 

It is made through a process called pyrolysis, which involves heating the biomass in a low-oxygen environment. This process converts the biomass into a solid, carbon-rich material with a high surface area.

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Kon-tiki technology

Kon tiki flame curtain kiln is a low-tech setup for charring organic matter instead of open-air burning. During operation, the fire is started with an initial layer of biomass. Gradually the biomass is stacked on the embers and the process is repeated as the ash appears in the previous layer.

High production volumes can be attained at low cost.

The Kon-Tiki kiln is known for its simplicity and low-tech design.

Our in-house experts willing to support and go with farmers step by step.

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A sustainable approach

Biochar provides several benefits for agriculture and the environment

Sustainable agricultural practices that boosts soil health

When Biochar is mixed with compost of bio-fertiliser it becomes a soil amendment that enhances both nutrient retention and soil structure.

Healthier plant growth

Increased water retention

Sustainable agricultural practices

Help build resilience to climate change

Incorporated into soil, biochar acts as a long term carbon sink and an effective carbon removal solution. It is not easily decomposed, so it remain in the soil for hundreds of years.

Sequester carbon

Decrease wasted resources

Enhance farmers revenue

Farmers can earn income from the sales of carbon removal credits, creating a profitable agricultural cycle, and create a positive impact on local communities.

Crop yield improved

Increase income resources

Choose your project to unlock carbon capture

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Remove CO2

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